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Wake Up It's Christmas


A second Christmas CD from Peter Combe, Australia’s original ABC children’s star! Wake Up It's Christmas was the first ever children's CD to be voted ABC Radio National's Album of the Week in 2005.

The CD includes 16 tracks with 13 new songs, a Christmas piece specially composed by Peter and performed by the Ruby Frost string quartet, plus 2 traditional songs. Also featured are the beautiful voices of Kathie Renner and Karen Gully, and there's an 8-page colour booklet with all the song lyrics. Like other Peter Combe CDs for children, the musical styles are diverse and very 'parent friendly', ranging in style from classic kids' songs to folk, lullabies, sweeping anthems, quirky and 'acappella', plus 'A Very Silly Christmas Song' (of course!) and even an Aussie kids' country song!

Peter Combe's original Christmas Album which was released in 1990 (and is still available via this site) went gold in 5 weeks and has become a family classic for the festive season. Now you and the family can also enjoy Wake Up It's Christmas from Australia's best children's songwriter.

"What I like about Peter's music is the variation of style and content, the essentially Australian flavour, and the musical sophistication with which he writes. Peter recognises in children the capacity for musical intelligence. There is a range and sophistication in his music which respects his audience and doesn't patronise them. At the same time he's not afraid to acknowledge that kids want to have fun and have a great sense of the absurd. All of which means that the adults can enjoy listening to their kid's music as well!" - Marnie Agnew, KUCA News, Spring 2005

1. Wake Up It's Christmas
2. No Room
3. Kangaroo Hop
4. Christmas Day Has Come Again
5. Ticketty Boo
6. Miracle
7. A Very Silly Christmas Song
8. Wake Up Sleepyhead
9. Father Christmas And Dave
10. So Far Away
11. The Wind Is For Blowing
12. Wassail
13. Down In The South Lullaby
14. Good King Wenceslas
15. It's Christmas Again
16. Reflections

Now part of the Christmas Triple CD pack, packaged together with "Peter Combe's Christmas" and the backing tracks, as well as all the lyrics in 2 illustrated booklets.  The single album can still be downloaded from Itunes