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Snugglepot & Cuddlepie - The Musical


With words and music by Peter Combe, this musical is based on the famous Australian children’s book "The Complete Adventures of Snugglepot & Cuddlepie" by May Gibbs. The CD was recorded live in concert with the Adelaide Symphony Orchestra, conducted by Graham Abbott, the Adelaide Chorus and the Adelaide Girls’ Choir. In addition to Peter Combe himself, the cast features some very special guests including Ruth Cracknell, Eric Bogle and Jeannie Lewis.

Dawn Breaks In The Bush - Here Begins Our Story - The Quest - The Banksia Men - Mr Lizard Joins In - Ragtime Band - Snugglepot Meets A Blossom - Little Ragged Blossom - A Perfect Plan - Mr Lizard’s Anguish - Aboard The Snag - The Plot - The Storm - It’s A Rat! - Winky’s Story - In The City - Big Bad City - Mrs Koala’s Party - Frogs’ Pianola - Possum In A Trap - Save Me, Set Me Free - That Human Was Kind - Is This The End Of The Adventure? - Drop And Drown ‘Em - We Are Falling, Falling - Doo Doo One - The Fish Folks’ Ball - Obelia, Queen Of Us All - Obelia’s Story - John Dory, Greedy And Gory - Love Song - Doo Doo Two - Obelia’s Vision - Cuddlepie’s Mission To The Bottomless Sea - After The Great Seaquake - Night Falls - Trapped In A Jar - Bush Symphony - Curtain Calls - Reprise