Super Six Songbook (PDF) - product

Super Six Songbook (PDF)


This is a PDF of the sheet music for SIX of Peter's best known songs. These transciptions have been created to perfectly match with the original recordings. Featuring vocal melodies and lyrics, backing harmonies, piano introductions and guitar/piano chords for the following SIX classics:

1. Wash Your Face in Orange Juice (Mr Clicketty Cane)

2. Juicy Juicy Green Grass

3. Newspaper Mama

4. Spaghetti Bolognaise

5. Toffee Apple

6. Chopsticks


From Peter:

"From Bunbury to Bundaberg, I have performed these songs to kids (and adults!) right across the country thousands of times. These songs have helped me do what I love for over 30 years. I hope you enjoy sharing them with your children, students, friends and family." - PETER COMBE