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Live It Up


LIVE IT UP is a new album from the writer of the classic Mr Clicketty Cane (Wash Your Face in Orange Juice) and features 17 new songs and 5 quirky poems, all done in Peter's inimitable style.

Songs about dinosaurs, magpies, the planets, spilling milk on the kitchen floor, Mr Spool (who only swims when the pool is full), nonsense songs and of course a new famous fable song The Little Red Hen - beautifully played, sung and recorded with Peter's trademark attention to detail.

CD includes all the song lyrics.


1. Live It Up
2. Magpie
3. Mr Spool
4. The Planets
5. Talk About The Cat
6. To Be A Bee
7. Ting Tang Teng Tong
8. All Of The Dinosaurs
9. Uh Oh
10. Sun Comes Up Sun Goes Down
11. Everyone’s Nose
12. Hey Mr Sound Man
13. What?
14. Wishes
15. Mr Pim
16. Carrickalinga
17. The Little Red Hen
18. Come Over Here
19. Just A Little Boy
20. Things To Do On The Weekend
21. Counting Backwards
22. Apricot Chicken