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Quirky Berserky (The Turkey From Turkey)


A fantastic new CD from Peter Combe and probably his most eclectic album yet! Featuring gorgeous melodies, lyrics that are both whimsical and beautiful, and Peter's delightfully eccentric vocals, the superb Quirky Berserky Band, a bluegrass group, the exquisite sounds of the Zephyr String Quartet, the debut of Peter's grandson Oli (possibly the best 3 year old singer in Australia!), 2 new Classic Fairy Tales songs, 2 children's choirs (Young Adelaide Voices and the Glee Club), lots of solos by different kids aged from 3-11 and a sooo...quirky cameo by ARIA winning jazz vocalists

The Idea of North - this is probably Peter's most eclectic album yet! Beautifully arranged and recorded with Peter's usual fastidious attention to detail and as always with his children's albums, very adult friendly. Includes 12 page illustrated coloured booklet with all the lyrics. CD Timing: 77'54"

Quirky Berserky (The Turkey from Turkey) REVIEW
"He’s been working in the industry for 30 years and is set to tour an ‘adults only’ show. Pull your heads out of the gutter and slap a newspaper hat on, it’s time for Peter Combe! You probably remember his tunes from decades ago, but while you’ve been busy growing up, Combe has continued spreading a mix of joy and nonsense across the country. Quirky Berserky is an enormous 26-track album celebrating 30 years of Peter Combe’s witty music for the young and young at heart. His songs are almost Monty Python-ish, explaining their appeal to parents and their lasting impact on the generation now attending his shows in states of drunken enthusiasm rather than nappies.
Most of the tracks are thoughtfully composed in the tradition of his beloved earlier tunes such as Wash Your Face In Orange Juice, Newspaper Mama and Toffee Apple. Not Zee may only be an alphabet song but the three versions on the album - Grandissimo performed by Combe, Stringissimo an instrumental version by the Zephyr String Quartet and Vocalissimo a brilliant and complex version performed by Sydney vocal trio The Idea of North - are definite highlights. Whilst 78 minutes of hardcore Combe can make even the happiest of adults a bit batty, this album is perfect to share with a new generation of Combe fans or secretly dance to after a rough day. After all, there’s no rush to grow up"
- Tess Ingram, music.com.au - September 3, 2012

1. Quirky Berserky (The Turkey From Turkey)
2. Nod When It's Yes
3. Sing It Sing It
4. Red Says Stop
5. Some People
6. Up Up Up Into The Sky
7. Bluegrass Ifs
8. The Song About Captain Cook
9. Rock Scissors Paper
10. Never No Never No Never
11. I Heard There Were Fairies...
12. Welcome To The Autumn
13. Not Zee (Grandissimo)
14. Rock This Little baby
15. Not Zee (Stringissimo)
16. Pinocchio's Nose
17. Not Zee (Vocalissimo)
18. You Like The Blue Sky And I Like The Gray
19. The Emperor's New Clothes
20. Magic Carpet 123
21. A Brussel Sprout
22. Standing In The Shower
23. Cooking With Jeffrey Hill
24. Mildred Finds The Juicy Juicy Green Grass
25. The Dreaded Chopsticks Curse
26. Red Says Stop (Just Oli) Quirky Berserky (The Turkey from Turkey)

If you already love Peter Combe’s work or if you haven’t been introduced to it before (where have you been?), you are bound to enjoy this new album. “Quirky Berserky” is a truly delightful and highly engaging collection of new songs and stories for children. There is quality musicianship throughout, with every track revealing a new array of instruments and fine performances. Peter’s voice is as rich and warm as ever and his vocal tones are balanced by the inclusion of some very young and talented singers. A vast range of musical styles distinguish this album which is full of musical surprises. Children will adore the groovy rhythms, beautiful melodies, poignant harmonies and full on fun.
This is a generous mix of new classics for the next generation of Peter Combe fans to fall in love with. Peter Combe has truly mastered the art of composing for children. The song lyrics are appealing, educational and relevant, ensuring that even the youngest listeners will be taken on a magic carpet ride of imagination and delight. The melodies are memorable and original, and importantly, are pitched at a suitable range for children’s voices, ensuring many happy hours of repetition. Several short songs, eg.” Red Says Stop” and “Not Zee” are repeated between longer tracks. This clever device serves to engage the youngest of listeners and adds a familiar touch of whimsy to the collection. This album is also enhanced by the inclusion of several original stories, told with great gusto and character by Peter himself.
In true Combe style, this album for children will also be enjoyed and appreciated by parents, carers and teachers alike. Australia is indeed fortunate to have a composer of this calibre working almost exclusively for the benefit and pleasure of our children.
 - Katharine Finlayson Primary Music Specialist Teacher, Ngunnawal Primary School, ACT. Katharine received a National Award for Excellence in School Music Education in 2011