Triple Pack 2 - product

Triple Pack 2


CD 1 Absolutely Very Best of... Live
This Little Pig Spangle Road Jeffrey Hill Thelma Brown The Put It Song Rain Rock ā€˜Nā€™ Roll Is All You Need Lullaby (For Tom) Tadpole Blues Down In The Bathroom Toffee Apple Music Of The Day Saturday Night Tell Me The Ti-i-ime Please Cats Chopsticks Jack And The Beanstalk Cast Away Happy As Larry Wash Your Face In Orange Juice Spaghetti Bolognaise Juicy, Juicy, Green Grass Newspaper Mama

CD 2 Little Groover
Little Groover There Was A Crooked Man Run Take Your Feet Honey Frog On Your Head Monkey In The Teapot Only One Nose Hey John Ning Nong (Andante) I Just Love Peanut Butter Rumpelstiltskin Ning Non (Presto) Another Cup Of Tea Under The Starry Sky

CD 3 Best Friends
Left Hand Right Hand Very Strange Cat The Grand Old Duke Of York (The Rest Of The Story) Best Friends Err Yuck! Tom Can Play The Trumpet Cinderella Mrs Wiggeley Woggely Wheeze New Playgym Peter Peter Pumpkin Eater This Face Come Together (Stand Up Tall) Oscar & Mr Hairy Gorilla Koala Ko Nice And Cool Kelly Hutton Changes (for Joni) Mr Smooth Elizabeth Child Of Mine (for Alice)