Chopsticks - product


Peter Combe has been described by the Adelaide Advertiser as "a purveyor of dreams, fairytales and unfailingly positive messages". As Australia’s foremost children’s songwriter he also insists that his music be adult friendly. Very important for parents’ sanity! This CD is one of his most popular, with catchy tunes, crystal clear lyrics and toe-tapping rhythms.

Chopsticks - This Little Pig - Wriggle And Roll - 9999 - Saturday Night - Fishy O Fishy - Made Ya Look Ya Dirty Chook - River River - Springtime Of Our Dreams - Hey Ho Jerry-O - Humpty Dumpty’s Other Song - The Pied Piper Of Hamelin - Hadrian’s Wall - Look After Yourself - Cast Away - Stuck In A Pizza - Fear Not For I - Reprise

No longer available as a single CD except via ITunes. Now part of Peter Combe's Triple Pack 3 - a collection of 3 CDs (Wash Your Face in Orange Juice, Chopsticks and Spook).