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Christmas Album


In Peter Combe’s own words, "This album is the realization of a dream of mine to compose and record a set of new Christmas songs for children and their families. Christmas to me will always be the season of great hope - these songs have been written in that same spirit of optimism."

The CD features some of Australia’s finest musicians and backing singers, along with six different choirs.

Happy Christmas To You - Christmas Eve - Tell Me The Story - Star Shines Bright - Baby Lying In A Manger - Chock-a-Block (The Innkeeper’s Song) - Rejoice, Rejoice - Hang Up Your Stocking - Christmas Is Coming - To You Merry Christmas - Love And Joy - Caesar’s Decree Song - Ping - Fear Not For I - O Little One - Christmas Child - Christmas Is Coming (With Choir)

Now part of the Christmas Triple CD pack, packaged together with "Wake Up Its Christmas" and the backing tracks, as well as all the lyrics in 2 illustrated booklets.  The single album can still be downloaded from Itunes