Kiddywinks - product



Kiddywinks is a new CD from Australia’s best loved children’s song writer Peter Combe. As the title suggests it’s an album particularly suited to pre-school children. 28 new tracks with all the musical diversity and attention to detail parents and children have come to expect from a Peter Combe Album – gorgeous melodies, fun quirky lyrics, beautifully recorded, childrens’ voices on many tracks and an action song featuring a superb string quartet. An album for discerning listeners.

1. Hallo
2. Brrmm! Brrmm!
3. Pussycat Goes Meiow
4. Beddybyes Time
5. Run Run Run
6. Talky Talky Talky
7. Take A Little Step
8. The La La La Song
9. Swing Swong
10. How Many Noses On Your Face?
11. Time To Have A Rest
12. A Walk In The Wood
13. Sleepy Head
14. I have A Drum
15. Teddy Bear
16. I Saw A Hare
17. Toast
18. Shoes On My Feet
19. Happy Holiday
20. I Had A Pear
21. Me
22. The Enormous Turnip
23. Potato and Pumpkin Carrots & Peas
24. The Hare & The Tortoise
25. I Say Old Bean
26. Pretty Little Bird
27. Goodbye
28. The Very Last Song