Moovy Groovy Songs - product

Moovy Groovy Songs

This collection features 25 of Peter Combe's "action" songs for kids and is a very useful resource for teachers who want to introduce some movement in their sessions. Easy actions are evident from the words. Includes every child's favourite, Mr Clicketty Cane (Wash Your Face in Orange Juice).   Download only - ITunes
1. Little Groover
2. Happy As Larry
3. Only One Nose
4. The Put It Song
5. Wash Your Face In Orange Juice (Mr Clicketty Cane)
6. Shake Yourself
7. Wriggle & Roll
8. 9999
9. Running On The Spot
10. Left Hand Right Hand
11. When You're Feeling Crook
12. 12345
13. Ping
14. The Walking Song
15. Take Your Feet
16. Standing On A Bus
17. Rock & Roll Is All You Need
18. Arms Were Made To Hug & Squeeze
19. Why Don't We?
20. Everybody's Got A Little Rhythm
21. The Front of Me
22. Walk Down The Street
23. Run
24. Tell Me The Ti-i-ime Please
25. This Face