Quirky Berserky album and tour

Monday, November 12, 2012

HEAR YE HEAR YE !!!!! I will be overseas in 2013 from April 19th - June 1st but you can contact me on peter@petercombe.com.au  I'll be checking my emails regularly and will get back to you ASAP                                                  

My big project in 2012 was to compose, record and tour a new album. Well it happened! Quirky Berserky, the turkey from Turkey has been 'born' and taken on tour all around Australia. So he's a well travelled turkey! Remembering the 46 countries mentioned in the title song was a challenge at first - but I did it! QB has even appeared at a couple of weddings! Listen to the song and you'll find out why.......

If you'd rather buy any of my CDs and DVDS from a retailer (rather than via the 'shop' on this website) the most reliable is JB Hi-Fi. They have stores all over Australia. Other stores include WIndmill Educational in Adelaide, Melbourne, Hobart and Launceston, Dillons Music in Norwood (SA) and ABC Shops. If you want to buy from an ABC Shop, ring first as they're often out of stock