Singing in Schools

Monday, July 25, 2016

Over the years, all around Australia, I've done countless numbers of concerts in schools. This current tour has reminded me that I still love doing them, partly because performing is 'in my blood' and also because children genuinely benefit from experiencing a live performance in their school. For many children, their main experience of music is what they see on an ipad, or computer screen...and so they really enjoy, and in fact, are almost taken by surprise, when they see a performer "live" in front of them. My aim always, is to stimulate and extend children's natural love of singing. Echo songs, catchy chorus songs, animal songs, food songs, quirky songs and the occasional serious song. Singing is such a unifying activity and promotes those positive feelings that we're 'all in this together' and can enjoy being a community.   


Peter Combe's photo.