Happy As Larry


If you snap your fingers with a (snap snap snap)
And you slap your knees with a (slap slap slap)
If you stamp your feet with a (stamp stamp stamp)
And you blink your eyes with a (blink blink blink)

You’ll be good as new, you’ll be right as rain
You’ll be happy as Larry, happy as Larry

If you clap your hands with a (clap clap clap)
And you click your tongue with a (click click click)
If you ring on the phone with a (ddt ddt)
And you whisper a secret with a (pss pss pss)


If you swing on a swing that goes (swanee whistle up)
Then you swing on a swing that goes (swanee whistle down)
If you sip lemonade with a (slurp slurp slurp)
And you make a big sound like a (booing booing)


If you drive in a car with a (vrooom vrooom)
Then you put on the brakes with a (screech)
If you fly like Superman with a (pshhh)
And you ride in a train with a (choo choo choo)


Good as new, right as rain
Happy as Larry, happy as Larry…